How People Spend Their Time Online

by Simon Kemp in News

Continuing our run of graphic treats this week, here’s another great infographic that explores how people around the world split their time across different online activities.

Social networking activities win a clear lion’s share of people’s attention, with this set of data suggesting that Facebook captures an average of more than 465 minutes of people’s time each month.

If that’s true of every one of the platform’s 901 million worldwide users, Facebook now accounts for almost 800,000 years of human time every month. Astonishing.

Meanwhile, in light of our recent report on the importance of location-based mobile social, we were particularly interested to read that location-based services are currently the fastest growing area of interest.

Thanks to Massimo for sending us the link.

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  • Nicole Eastgate

    Fantastic statistics…thanks. I find it fascinating that the least growing trends are still growing by 12% – that is still a very large amount. Do you think that user created videos is not growing as fast because everyone is just sending links to other people work or is there another reason?

  • Simon Kemp

    Hi Nicole, although I don’t know for sure, my guess is that the reason for this is more about existing user bases and activity volumes: it’s more difficult to drive significant growth from a large base (like the one we see today for user-created videos) than it is to drive growth in an area that has lower penetration or activity. 

    For the same reason, location-based services should see impressive growth because the user base is still relatively small. We already know they’re value-add services, but fewer people than we might expect are using them at the moment; therefore, there’s greater potential for growth and expansion than there might be in the user-created video space.

  • Nicole Eastgate

    Thanks for your comment Simon. What you say about growth makes complete sense to me and has made the whole concept very clear now. Location-based services have been around for a little while now, are you predicting an inflection point soon where the number of users will grow exponentially or will it continue to grow slowly?

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