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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #194

by Andy Feng in News

Mixed reactions to terrorism tweets by Call of Duty in Singapore 
This isn’t quite the case of a PR stunt gone completely wrong, but it wouldn’t be a far cry to say that video game developer Call of Duty may have lost a few fans because of its latest Twitter campaign in Singapore.

The video game developer came under intense fire after tweeting a series of “War Of The World” style tweets describing key locations in Singapore coming under attack.
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.49.01 pm
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.41.07 pm
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.40.47 pm

Some called it offensive, others said it was done in bad taste.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.44.53 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.45.05 pm

However, there were some who responded positively.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.47.26 pm

The Twitter campaign was built to stir anticipation ahead of the release for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which is set in Singapore in 2065. The Call of Duty team has decided to keep the original tweets, asserting that they were purely promotional.

Meet Digital Green, the Youtube for rural India and Sub-Saharan Africa
Guess what Facebook? You’re not the only one in the business of connecting developing nations with the rest of the world.


Digital Green is a New Delhi-based non-governmental organisation that works with other NGOs and development boards to bring video technology and sharing to rural communities in India and Sub-Saharan Africa. They are taught to record their own videos, which they then use to share and learn about issues like agriculture, health practices, nutrition and social issues. Village leaders then organise community events where these videos are screened and shared with their local communities.

Digital Green currently works with around 600,000 individuals across 5,000 villages in India. 85 percent of these people are women. The site currently has over 330 video collections, with some holding up to 20 videos.

Instagram blames Apple for anti-nudity stance
The finger pointing has begun. Following the blowup over the recent #FreeTheNipple campaign, Instagram is blaming Apple for their strict anti-nudity stance to pull down posts showing women’s nipples. Instagram has complained that their age ratings are restrictive, and this was set by Apple, not the Instagram team.

While photographs of women’s nipples of women were deleted, the men’s were not, igniting an online outrage. A handful of celebrities threw their support behind the campaign, with some even posting topless photos of themselves.

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Rethinking Everything

by Simon Kemp in News


As part of my recent trip to India for the International Advertising Association’s What’s Coming Next conference, I was invited to interview globally renowned yogi, Jaggi Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru.

Going in to the conversation, I wasn’t sure what to expect; our host, Prasad Sangameshwaran of The Hindu Business Line newspaper, had suggested that Sadhguru might inspire me to ‘rethink a few things’, but I couldn’t see any immediate link between our respective areas of interest and experience.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the profound shake-up that I experienced over the next half-hour. Read the rest of this entry »


We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #193

by Nurfarah Mattar in News

Almost Confirmed: Consumerism Found on Mars
Following NASA’s announcement, a flurry of content has been released by brands. The folks at 20th Century Fox were particularly reeling with jokes, premised on their upcoming film, The Martian (For the Curious Cats: Did NASA time its Mars announcement to coincide with ‘The Martian’?). Also spotted was Matt Damon, toasting to a liquid diet. The Facebook video received close to 40K views within hours.

Also chiming in was Lego, Papa John’s, Intel and the Internet in general.

Back in Asia, mentions of the discovery exploded on Twitter.

There there, Liverpool fans.

Spotify Hongkong Launches First Gig Series in Style
With over 20 million subscribers, Spotify is a household name in the online streaming industry. Now the company has taken music offline, in a suspicious move toward world domination.

Found the Sound is the brainchild of Spotify and Fashion Walk – delivering live music for shoppers at Causeway Bay, Hongkong. Sunita Kar, Managing Director of Spotify Asia, explained how ‘music and lifestyle go hand in hand’. The event series allows engagement with Hongkong shoppers, as well as the delivery of experiences beyond a digital platform.

With an emphasis on lifestyle and experiences, Spotify has taken a page out of social thinking. It is people who make brands social, not platforms.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #192

by Tan Xing Long in News

Uber and GrabTaxi engaged in social media race during #SingaporeGP
Both smartphone-based taxi booking rivals, Uber and GrabTaxi, launched their own Formula 1 promotions over the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, offering people free rides from a fleet of supercars.

According to DigiMind Social, although Uber edged GrabTaxi in the overall volume of conversation by 14%, GrabTaxi was able to engage their community better, generating a greater number of interactions and publications in the process.

Volume of Conversation (F1 related)

Browsing data from Website or App with Social Plugins now used in Facebook Ads
Advertisers would soon be able to leverage on the browsing data of users from sites that include Facebook’s social plugins (e.g. Like/Share button). Even if users do not actively use or click on these plugins, Facebook would still be able to track their activities as long as they have the plugins enabled while they were browsing these sites. In light of potential privacy concerns, Facebook also mentioned that users have the choice to opt-out of such interest-targeted ads via the Ad Choices setting on its platform.

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The Disruption of Interruption

by Simon Kemp in News

A couple of weeks ago, I presented at the International Advertising Association‘s What’s Coming Next conference, joining a stellar line-up of speakers that included Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar, and the renowned yogi, Sadhguru.

The topic of my session was ‘The Disruption of Interruption‘*, and as you’ll see in the SlideShare embed of my presentation above, I explored a variety of ways in which social media is changing our understanding of – and approaches to – advertising.

As I stressed in my presentation though, it’s critical to acknowledge that social media will not ‘kill’ advertising.

In fact, social media may well be one of advertising’s greatest saviours, because the insights that marketers and agencies can gain from activities such as social listening enable us to redefine our approach to creating and distributing brand communications.

You can read through the full presentation on SlideShare (and download the full deck here), but read on for a quick summary of the key points.

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