We’re always looking for good people at all levels to join our journey / mission to change the face of marketing and communications. If you wholeheartedly believe that social media is shaping the future of marketing, we’d like to talk to you.

Below we’ve listed the open positions we are currently recruiting. In general, we’re looking for people with enthusiasm, resourcefulness, lots of drive and nimbleness to adapt to the constant changes of social media platforms.

If you feel you’re the right person for the role, get in touch with us here.

By the way, if you’re really, really, really keen to grab our attention, we’ll give you a tip on how to get it: it’s all in our name.

Research & Insight Team

Senior Research & Insight Analyst
You are the true anthropologist and love people watching. Your bug bear is when someone states an observation as an insight – tsk! Experience in using social media monitoring tools will be an added advantage. Your multilingual skills will be an added bonus, but not essential. If you have between 3 – 5 years of enjoying the rigour of looking at data, studying trends and providing strategic recommendations that will improve business strategies, we want you!

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If you’ve got the passion for all things creative and the drive to learn, we’re open to know more. Naturally, you have to demonstrate a love for social to pique our attention. We’re looking for energetic individuals who are not afraid to try something new. You’ll be exposed to the various departments in our tenure here but if there’s a particular area of interest you’re after like Research or Design, do let us know and we’ll see if we can fit you in. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up here.

Creative Team

Video Ninja
If you have a passion in videography we want you. You must love shooting videos and editing them on the fly. You’ll work with the creative team to conceptualise mini stories that communicate the message in fun and engaging ways like this one. Your ability to be resourceful and creative without having Hollywood budgets will be a bonus. If you’re confident that your awesome skills can mesmerize the audience and get the brand some Likes / Favourites / Shares / etc., send us a video portraying your skills.

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Senior Art Director
Passionate about design and always striving to add value in every project. You are a perfectionist when it comes to producing quality artwork but you’ve got the touch to make everything look great effortlessly. You can switch easily from the big picture thinking that challenges convention in the world of social media, and creating small visual stories to push specific messages within the constraints of time and budget. You will manage a team of Designers and nurture their output to that of a high quality.

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