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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #153

by Ji Eun Kim in News

YouTube offers offline playback for India, Indonesia and Philippines 
The latest update from YouTube’s Android app allows users in India, Indonesia and Philippines to watch videos offline. The update aims to provide a buffer-free video experience for those without high-speed mobile data access. YouTube videos can be saved to users’ devices and played from an offline mode of the app without an internet connection for up to 48 hours.


Viber launched Viber games
Chat app Viber has rolled out Viber games, which allow users to play games into the app using their Viber ID. The launch lineup includes games similar to ‘Candy Crush Saga’ as well as a bubble shooter game. It seems Viber is trying to replicate the success of its counterparts, Line and WeChat, who have been successful in generating huge revenue from in-app games. It will be interesting to see how Viber’s new strategy will impact the landscape of chat apps.


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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #150

by Melissa Law in News

Renren announces grim Q3 financial results
China’s leading real name social network, Renren, saw a 47% decrease in total net revenues, a 77% fall in gross profit and an increase in losses, compared to the same period last year. The company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Chen commented that the company is undergoing “a challenging transition” but will continue focusing on its core business and core user base.

Amid the worrying results, there might be a single silver lining that remains for the company. The social network’s monthly active user count has remained steady at 44 million, in contrast to the huge fall seen between Q1 and Q2 this year, indicating that the company’s strategy may be working for its regular user base.

#DearNeighbour initiative unites Indians, Pakistanis
A social media movement ‘Dear Neighbour‘, which aims to improve relations between Indians and Pakistanis by focusing on their similarities, has launched with a video titled ‘Pause’. The film urges people from both sides of the border to talk to one another by posting peace velfies (video selfies) with the hashtag #DearNeighbour. The movement has amassed more than 11,000 likes since its launch less than 2 weeks ago.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #149

by Haiyi Tang in News

India’s prime minister joins Instagram
Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian head of state joined Instagram yesterday. His first post was a photograph of the ASEAN Summit venue in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, and he had 94,621 followers on Instagram within less than 24 hours. Since the president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo won the election this year by strategically reaching out to more tech-savvy youth for support, social media has increasingly started to play a significant role among politicians. Compared to his Instagram followers, currently Modi is the most-followed politician in India, with 7.82 million followers on Twitter. On the other hand, Modi’s Facebook page has 24,598,120 likes, and he has 250,384 followers on LinkedIn.


WeChat reaches 468 million monthly active users
Tencent who recently published its latest data for WeChat, the largest chat app giant in Asia, now has 468.1million active users in Q3 2014. In comparison with its 438 million MAUs in Q2, it seems like WeChat has slowed down its growth this year with only 6.8% quarterly growth from Q2 to Q3 2014. Its Q3 report again did not indicate the actual number of active users outside of China, unlike WeChat which is now widely used in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippine and across Latin America.

Here are a few other highlights from Tencent’s Q3 earnings report:

  •  Smart device MAU of QQ was 542 million, an increase of 36% YoY.
  •  Combined MAU of Weixin and WeChat were 468 million, an increase of 39% YoY.
  •  MAU of Qzone was 629 million, an increase of 1% YoY.
  •  Smart device MAU of Qzone was 506 million, an increase of 26% YoY.


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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #148

by Suhaina Adam in News

Line’s short film #AADC2014 goes viral
Ada apa dengan cinta (“What’s up with Love”) was a hit 2002 romantic drama film in Indonesia that saw a mini sequel on YouTube last week, thanks to Line. The video was meant to promote Line’s Alumni feature where long lost friends can reconnect. It garnered over 2.6 million views on YouTube in just 5 days and the hashtag #AADC2014 became one of the highest trending topics in Indonesia last week.

Brands were also quick to piggyback on the video’s virality with their own tweets and memes…




Twitter to set up office in HK next year
In a couple of months, Twitter will be opening its Hong Kong office despite being blocked in Mainland China to focus on ad sales. The platform is looking to tap into the advertising demand from Chinese companies who may want to reach the global audience such as the likes of Alibaba, Lenovo and Xiaomi. Aside from its existing Asian offices in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore, they also plan to set up another in Jakarta.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #146

by Ji Eun Kim in News

Tencent invested US $20M into Blink, a service similar to Snapchat
In addition to the investment into US based Snapchat last year, Tencent has made US $20 million investment into Chinese native service Blink this year. The service is similar to Snapchat. Tencent has been actively looking for a new kind of service that appeals to China’s “post-90s” youths as a breakthrough in the stagnant growth of WeChat. According to Techweb, the new photo sharing app claims 200,000 active users, despite a baby step toward the next big thing that Tencent is longing for. We will wait to see if Blink will become the next big thing that keeps the internet giant ahead of competition in China.


Social media behaviours of travellers in APAC
Accor Hotels has revealed its second Social Media Monitor looking at social media behaviors of travellers from the Asia Pacific region. Here are some interesting findings:

  • Asia-born chat apps such as WeChat and Line are catching up with Facebook in terms of usage
  • In Thailand, Line has higher daily usage than Facebook and is one of top three most popular networks in Indonesia and Japan
  • In Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and India, WhatsApp wins Facebook in terms of daily usage
  • In India, Singapore and Malaysia, travellers use Facebook to research and share their trips and WhatsApp during the drip to stay in touch

A month since Instagram got blocked in China
It has been a month since Instagram got blocked in China due to the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong, which seems to be the first biggest obstacle for the company to carry on its’ success in China. Instagram has been an exception to the Chinese social media landscape where local players are dominant in the market under the circumstance that many of western born services such as Facebook are not allowed to operate. The world’s largest photo sharing app was previously thriving in China, recording 100,000 downloads per week, and becoming an avenue for Chinese audience to connect with the rest of the world. But it’s still not clear if Instagram will ever be unblocked. Will local alternatives such as TuDing and Papa thrive now that Instagram is blocked?


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