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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #187

by Aubrey Teng in News

WeChat valued at $83.6 billion
WeChat, China’s messaging app giant, is valued at $83.6 billion. That makes up almost half of parent company TenCent’s value. On top of messaging, it also serves as a platform for ecommerce, mobile payments, social gaming, media and more with a user base of 600 million. With such impressive statistics, it is not hard to see why WeChat and other similar messaging chat apps are attracting many investors.

MSTY, a new music messaging app, launches globally
A new music messaging app MSTY (My Song to You) has recently launched worldwide. It gives users a new way to communicate with friends by combining music with text and photos. Users can pick a song from MSTY’s curated song-clips. They can then attach a photo by taking one in the app, importing a picture from their camera roll or using one of the template images from the app’s library. Users can also type a short message on the image.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #186

by Melissa Law in News

China’s mobile social networking users to reach 335.9 million
In a recent report cited by ChinaInternetWatch, eMarketer estimates that the number of mobile social networking users in China will reach 335.9 million by the end of 2015. By 2019, they estimate that number will exceed 480.4 million – approximately 35% of the country’s population. Exact numbers for social media users in China can be tricky to come by though; compare this latest report with recent figures from China’s social media giant Tencent, who reported they’d already surpassed more than 500 million active social media accounts accessing via mobile devices in March of this year. The numbers in different reports may vary considerably, but they all have one thing in common: the future of social is most definitely mobile [if you’re looking for more stats on digital use in China, try our recent APAC report].

Find activity buddies with PlanDo
Feeling spontaneous but none of your friends are available? A new social networking app called PlanDo aims to solve that. Developed in Hong Kong, this app helps you find activities to join and potential new buddies just days or even hours in advance. In the future, there are also plans for event organisers and businesses to add listings and take payments within the app.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune Up #182

by Nurfarah Mattar in News

Dating app Paktor secures a whopping $10 million in funds
Singaporean founder, Joseph Phua, believes that their “understanding of the local market” gives Paktor an edge in the dating app space. The app includes a virtual gift exchange and group chat function, which mimics the possibility of meeting love interests through mutual friends.

Paktor has already expanded to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan. We are rather impressed at this initial success, but unconvinced with how it is differentiated from existing applications. By encouraging both romantic and friendly relationships, Paktor seems to be straddling uncomfortably between Tinder and Facebook. Do we smell a new social network in Asia? Will it only be Rihanna who finds love in a hopeless place? Questions, questions.

Weibo’s role as a content distribution platform for brands
Weibo is facing stiff competition, with WeChat attracting over 500 million monthly active users in China. However, spiralling market share does not imply that brands should depart from Weibo.

Audiences use these platforms differently and Weibo remains critical in breaking real-time news. While Facebook only features newsworthy actions in its “What’s Trending” section, brands can pay to be in Weibo’s “Hot Topics” listing. A new feature called “Fan Pass” also sends alerts to audiences, who may choose to follow various brands. The opt-in element potentially distills inactive users and identifies fans with a genuine interest in brands.

For now, Weibo ties WeChat with a score of 1-1. Yawn.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune Up #181

by Tobias Cragg in News
Moderators coordinate response to dismissal of key Reddit employee
More tumultuous times for Reddit. Last month, the administration shut down several Subreddits which it had deemed offensive to the ire of some users who claimed the movie violated free speech. Now, the unexpected firing of one of Reddit’s key employees, Victoria Taylor, has sparked a concerted movement by the site’s volunteer moderators to block access to popular sections as a response to the dismissal. The Verge quotes a moderator as writing that this is just another episode in the ongoing difficulties between administrators and the volunteers who are lifeblood to the site.
Alipay seals a tasty deal with KFC
In China, Alibaba has launched a partnership with the fried chicken chain to enable the use of its mobile payments system in the store. At the register, customers navigate to a QR code on an app which is then scanned by the cashier. The Alipay system is regarded as the most preferred in China thanks to its flexibility and simplicity. Users can employ various methods of payment such as credit card, payment on delivery, and an escrow service, which facilitates secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

This deal comes on the back of a collaboration between Walmart and Alipay, which not only yields the sophisticated payment system for the retailer but a whole host of new data to explore. Alibaba has stakes in Weibo and Snapchat. Perhaps in future they will further integrate mobile payment with their social platforms.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #180

by Kristie Neo in News
Facebook Lite launches in India & the Philippines
The name says it all. Facebook has launched a “Lite” version of its social networking service, targeting users in emerging markets where user growth is expected to expand at a rapid pace. According to reports, India is set to be the largest Facebook user base in the world by 2017, so this is hardly a surprising move from Facebook, really.

In sum, Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of the regular app while retaining all the original functions of the service. It is less than 500 KB in size, and works well on 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Local communication apps, text are preferred modes of mobile communication in Japan, South Korea
That’s according to a report by Ericsson Consumer Lab, which surveyed 100,000 individuals in Japan, South Korea, India, UK and the US. The findings reveal some interesting insights. For instance in India, users spend nearly half of their time on smartphones on communication apps. In markets like Japan and South Korea, local communication apps are more popularly used as compared to those surveyed in the UK and US markets. Japanese and South Koreans also prefer text over voice calls. According to Ericsson, 1 in 4 Japanese smartphone users do not make traditional voice calls anymore.

You can read the full report here.

Taiwanese chat messaging app Pal+ secure $1.3m in funds
Taiwan chat messaging app, Pal+ has received all of $1.3 million in fresh funds to expand its growing venture. The funds came from Asiasoft, a listed game publisher in Thailand.
Pal+ is a forum-based app which invites individuals with common interests to participate in online discussions. Users get to share and discuss a wide range of topics from entertainment to animation and games, and share them with friends instantly.

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