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Five Friday Facts #62

by Dhanuj Selvaraj in News

Top 10 luxury brands on Sina Weibo
Automobile brands continue to top the luxury sector when it comes to presence on social media in China.  The chart below shows the growth of top 10 luxury brands on Sina Weibo between August’11 and November’12. Within the 15 month period, there was a reported growth of 490% in fan base. Cadillac and BMW top the charts with 850,613 and 598,322 followers respectively. Cadillac also has three verified Sina Weibo pages for their distributors. The other luxury brands in the chart are fashion brands, with Chanel showing an impressive 984% growth in fan base. Even though, Dior and Coach are new to the scene, they have close to 500,000 fans each. It is noteworthy that some of these brands are doing better on social in China than they are on Facebook or Twitter in any other given country.


Social media ad spending in China
The number of social media users in China is estimated to be more than 597,000,000 as depicted in our latest #SDMW report. With the largest number of social media users in the word, social network ad spending is expected to reach $612.8 million this year. As more brands start to get onto the social media bandwagon, homegrown networks such as Sina Weibo, Renren and Tencent will continue to reap the benefits of what the marketers sow in advertising spend.

China, Singapore and Brazil lead consumption of digital media
According to the KPMG International 2013 Digital Debate, urban consumers in China, Singapore and Brazil are the world’s most voracious users of digital and social media. This is definitely led by the high usage of smartphones and tablets. The second screen experience is on the rise in these places with consumers staying connected to multiple devices whilst watching TV. In China, 48% say they use their smartphone and 60% use their laptops while watching TV. with 36% of these people accessing social networks. Brazil and Singapore fall into the same category as China in this phenomenon.

The very social Thailand
Global Web Index (GWI) introduced its Social Engagement Benchmark (SEB) score not long ago.  A recent analysis by GWI shows great insights into the Thai market. Unlike other countries in the world, the gap between active and passive social media users is narrow in Thailand. The active Facebook population in Thailand is an impressive 74% whilst Italy’s, one of the highest in Europe is at 47%. GWI estimates a total of 15 million Facebook accounts in Thailand, out of which 12 Million are active users. An interesting thing to note here is that markets like Thailand in Asia are in parity with matured markets like Australia. Despite their lower internet penetration, they have faster growth and a much more engaged customer segment. And not to forget Thailand’s mobile scene – With a 117% mobile penetration and fast growing internet connectivity, Thailand is positioned well above the Asian average.

 Social TV takes off after broadcast
After watching their favourite show on TV, viewers get onto social media to participate in or start a coversation with their mates. A Nielsen survey conducted in September of last year, showed that 29% of Americans updated their Facebook status whilst watching the program. What is interesting to note is that more people are getting influenced by social media to catch a particular program. 46% said Facebook was their influence to start watching a program whilst 14% cited Twitter. Social TV is definitely taking off with more and more ongoing conversations on the shows’ respective Facebook pages even after the program has broadcasted.

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The Burberry Social Show

by Simon Kemp in News

Later today, Burberry will reveal their Womenswear Autumn / Winter 2012 collection, at an exclusive fashion extravaganza in London.

However, getting one of the best live views of the show won’t be as tricky as it might have been a few years ago, because Burberry have opted to livestream the entire event via Facebook.

They won’t just be streaming the event via their own page though – they’ve made a livestream link publicly available so that anyone can post it to their Facebook wall:

Although Burberry has been championing open digital access to its events for a few years now, moves like this are still a revelation in fashion marketing.

As recently as 6 or 7 years ago, fashion shows were impossibly exclusive; a seat in the front row was an honour bestowed on a privileged few who were deemed to hold sway on the public conscience.

However, things changed dramatically with the advent of influential fashion bloggers, and savvy fashion marketers have been experimenting with ways to ‘socialise’ their events ever since.

Burberry has led the way for some time now, and has livestreamed a number of events already. The brand even gave sneak Twitter previews of its most recent menswear range from backstage, just before each individual look went out on the catwalk.

But what we like so much about today’s audience-hosted livestream is that it makes it much easier for people to have more intimate conversations around the event (and the brand) with their friends. They can not only enjoy the show, but they can chat with each other without having to deal with the general noise of public comments as they would have to do if the event were streamed on the brand’s page.

These intimate conversations have benefits for the brand too, even if they will take place on private comment streams hidden from social media monitoring tools.

Firstly, people are more likely to express more of their emotions and opinions when conversations are purely between friends – that’s likely to foster more meaningful emotional engagement with the collection and its individual items.

Secondly, because people are likely to perceive a greater personal benefit in posting the livestream link to their own wall, the opportunities for amplification are far greater.

And despite the fact that many conversations will take place on private wall discussions, we anticipate that many people will choose to take their comments public via other channels too; we fully expect to see screen grabs ported almost instantaneously to platforms like Pinterest, and plenty of healthy chatter on Twitter.

But you’ll be able to find out yourself in just a few hours – the event streams live from 4pm GMT today via your own Facebook wall using this link. Enjoy!

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Five Friday Facts #7

by Cai Yu Lam in News

Here are Five Friday Facts to round-off this week in social media news in Asia and across the world. Have a merry weekend everyone, it’s the last weekend to shop for Christmas gifts!

Record for most tweets per second broken
The TV screening of highly popular Japanese anime Castle in the Sky set a new record for most tweets per second with 25,088 tweets per second earlier this month. It surpassed the previous record of nearly 9,000 tweets per second following the announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy. This is testament to Twitter’s popularity in Japan, which has an estimated 10,000 million Japanese users.

Fashion-focused social network
Singapore-based Clozette, a fashion-focused social network, is partnering with Glam Media Japan to launch a Japanese version of its site. Clozette is now seeing around 85,000 monthly unique visitors and 750,000 page views, up from 80,000 monthly unique visitors and 500,000 page views back in September. It’s great to see a niche social network from Singapore grow and expand into the region.

How new ‘e-tailers’ are discovered in China
How does social come into play with e-commerce? 42.71% of Chinese consumers discover new online retailers, or ‘e-tailers’, via Taobao, 27.51% through online advertising and 18.22% through friends. Apparently, search and word-of-mouth (not necessarily online) are still important factors. Surprisingly, 11.18% of Chinese consumers discover new e-tailers through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as compared to only 3.14% via social networking. Perhaps we will see a change in these figures as social commerce takes off.

Consumers not turning to social media for local business information
In America, the Internet is the number one source people turn to for information on local restaurants and businesses, followed by newspapers and word-of-mouth. 51% of American adults use the Internet to look for news and information about local restaurants, bars and clubs. Surprisingly, only 3% turn to social networking sites, as compared to the 38% who perform search engine queries.

Marketers stumped by measurement challenges
A survey conducted by voice-based marketing automation platform Ifbyphone found that 82% of marketing executives surveyed expect every campaign to be measured. Yet, only 26% think they can effectively measure Return on Investment (ROI) for social media marketing. Of the various tools used to measure marketing campaigns, only 30% of respondents used social media monitoring tools. These challenges with data analytics and tools similarly resound in our post on how marketers are still struggling with social.


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