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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #219

by Zahirah Taha in News

Internet, Internet, who’s the biggest fool of all?
For the longest time, brands have been jumping on the April Fool’s bandwagon with pranks and jokes disguised as actual news and announcements. What have brands been up to this year?

Intel Singapore disguises prank in the form of a tip:

Always running out of battery on your smartphone? We might have a trick or two to help you conserve power. #TechTips Posted by Intel Singapore on Thursday, 31 March 2016


Jetstar Group gives us a glimpse into what flight announcements would sound like in Singlish:


Google bring fans a new kind of reality with its Cardboard Plastic:


Uber Hong Kong launches a new arm for one day only – UberPLANE:

TT Uber HK

If there’s anything that we know for sure, it’s to never take anything seriously on April 1st!

Line releases chat AI plug-in
While Facebook is a few weeks shy from officially opening Messenger to third party bots, Line has recently announced its move towards making its API available in a bid to integrate bots and chat AI within its messaging app. With this new features, official accounts (typically owned by businesses and celebrities) in Japan will soon be able to automate interactions with its users, thus opening up more possibilities for the messaging app.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #165

by Zahirah Taha in News

Twitter to open an office in Hong Kong
While Twitter may be blocked in China, that is not stopping them from starting an office in Hong Kong to help Chinese companies grow their businesses overseas. Following Facebook‘s strategy, Twitter’s move is in a bid to grow itself even in markets where it does not have any users.

Snapchat received US$200M in funding by Alibaba
Continuing its investment spree, Alibaba has recently invested US$200 million in American chat app Snapchat. Just last year, Alibaba also invested US$280 million on another American chat app, Tango in line with its broader strategy of expanding its global reach.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #148

by Suhaina Adam in News

Line’s short film #AADC2014 goes viral
Ada apa dengan cinta (“What’s up with Love”) was a hit 2002 romantic drama film in Indonesia that saw a mini sequel on YouTube last week, thanks to Line. The video was meant to promote Line’s Alumni feature where long lost friends can reconnect. It garnered over 2.6 million views on YouTube in just 5 days and the hashtag #AADC2014 became one of the highest trending topics in Indonesia last week.

Brands were also quick to piggyback on the video’s virality with their own tweets and memes…




Twitter to set up office in HK next year
In a couple of months, Twitter will be opening its Hong Kong office despite being blocked in Mainland China to focus on ad sales. The platform is looking to tap into the advertising demand from Chinese companies who may want to reach the global audience such as the likes of Alibaba, Lenovo and Xiaomi. Aside from its existing Asian offices in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore, they also plan to set up another in Jakarta.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday TuneUp #87

by Haiyi Tang in News

Sina Weibo and WeChat Compete in Online Banking
WeChat and China Merchants Bank (CMB) jointly launched the WeChat customer service for its credit card subscribers in late March this year. On July 1st, CMB announced the establishment of its first “WeChat Bank”, expanding its services to debit card, loan applications, and fee payment services among others. Hot on the heels of WeChat’s exploration into bank services, Sina Weibo has announced it will build a micro-banking system for users to easily open a bank account, conduct money transfers, and pay credit card fees – all without visiting the bank.

The move by WeChat and Sina Weibo is expected to revolutionise communication between customers and bank clerks, as these social media platforms present direct communication channels for both banks and users. Whether Sina Weibo’s micro-banking services are aimed at competing directly with WeChat’s banking strategy is still not clear. What is certain though is that micro-banking through social media is a heated trend in China, and will become a big theme in the coming years.


As WeChat Gets Disrupted, Sina Launches WeMeet
Numerous WeChat users reported disruptions to their WeChat accounts on July 22nd, which also extended to public accounts. There were issues logging in, and some users could not send or receive messages even when logged in. With an increasing number of Chinese Internet users getting addicted to WeChat, the disruptions were met with anxiety as users were unable to access their friends’ updates.

As reported by 36Kr, the disruptions not only affected users from Mainland China, but also Japan and Hong Kong. Many users turned to Sina Weibo to voice their unhappiness. WeChat announced and apologised for this incident right after its occurrence via their official Sina Weibo account. #WeChat is dead# becomes a hot topic on Sina Weibo, with 877,917 mentions by end of Monday. With the overwhelming popularity of WeChat, Sina on the same day launched a new platform called WeMeet (微米) to compete with WeChat. According to Sina, this is still a beta version, and they plan to have an official launch around the end of August 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.55.08 AM

Line Launches a News App – Line News
In line with its global expansion objectives, Line is expanding more aggressively than competitor WeChat, with its series of individual apps such as Line camera, Line play, Line manga, and Line novel. Line makers NHN Japan recently launched another news app – Line News, which is a media integrated platform of NHN’s news website – Livedoor News and NAVER まとめ, and news from various Japanese media channels on topics such as politics, entertainment, and sports.

Four of the most important news will appear on the top of each channel, while the rest of news will appear in the format of timeline. The news on the Line News app are refined by Line’s editors, containing only 3 to 4 lines of summary, in order to provide an efficient reading model for mobile users. The most crucial part of Line News is that users can share news among each other, contributing to stronger connections between the Line users.



Fortune 500 companies taking to social media
Fortune 500 companies are continuing to grow their various social presences, with Twitter the most prevalent of these. 77% now have active Twitter accounts, compared to 70% in 2012; in terms of popularity, the microblogging platform is followed by Facebook in 2nd, and YouTube in 3rd. Surprisingly, Google+ comes in at 4th with 35%, ahead of company blogs with 34%.


Facebook’s mobile user base up by 20%
Facebook’s mobile user base has increased by 22% in the UK and 18% in the USA over the last year, according to figures released by the social network. On average, smartphone users check Facebook’s mobile app between 10-15 times a day, with 26 million of Facebook’s 33 million UK users (almost 80%) accessing the site via mobile.

Facebook roll out photo comments to pages
Facebook photo comments are now enabled for pages as well as individuals, meaning that people can post photos in response to page comments and page admins can make use of the system, too. The system has been available to personal users for around a month now – it will be interesting to see how quickly pages take advantage of the option.


QVC to create Pinterest-inspired social commerce channel
Bric-a-brac retailer QVC is creating a social-commerce channel called toGather, to be hosted on The service will allow consumers to create collections of products, which others can then ‘heart’ to show their approval, much like on image-sharing social network Pinterest. QVC personalities will also feature, interacting with users to add a further social element.

Trailers and ads on Instagram videos
A few weeks after the launch of video on Instagram, the network has seen its first movie trailer. The 15-second clip promotes ‘Jobs’, in which Ashton Kutcher plays the late Apple CEO, Steve.



Meanwhile, Carnival Cruises used the system to post 9 of their old 15-second ads, which they eventually removed from the platform for fear of violating Instagram terms. The videos, on whose compliance Instagram has not yet commented, were not filmed through the platform, so did not appear in the same style as natively-filmed content. It will be interesting to see if other brands go down this route.

American Express embed Basement Jaxx concert in a tweet
Amex UK last night streamed a live concert from London’s Somerset House, all embedded within a tweet. Fans could send shout-outs using the hashtag #BasementJaxxLive, 10 of which were read out during the set.

Honda outreaching with Rebecca Black Vines
Honda are responding to people who tweet using the hashtag #wantnewcar with humorous, personalised Vines, featuring ‘Friday’ singer Rebecca Black, as well asHonda’s own employees.

Captain Morgan targeting ads at Foursquare check ins
Rum brand Captain Morgan has started targeting ads at those who check in at certain locations on Foursquare, suggesting they order a drink containing the spirit. Now, when Foursquare users check in at certain bars or restaurants, they’ll receive something like the below:


This raises an interesting point about whether these ads were available to under-21s, on which Foursquare has yet to comment. Boldly, Captain Morgan have accepted the risks of underage users seeing the ads, in the knowledge that the percentage of Foursquare users who are over-21 exceeds the 71.6% bar set for an alcohol ad campaign.

My Nikon World makes everyone a photographer
Photography brand Nikon has produced a Facebook campaign that encourages users to create a photographer profile and upload photos to galleries in order to earn points and badges. Influencers will also be involved in ‘My Nikon World’, which looks to create an online community dedicated to sharing photographs, complete with a competitive element.

WWF buying up 404 pages on Russian social network
WWF is using 404 pages on the Russian social network Odnoklassniki to highlight the plight of various rare and endangered species, including the leopard, tiger, bison and snow leopard. Instead of receiving a standard message, users will be confronted by text stating that the animals in question are in danger of “not existing”.

Mastercard and Foursquare partner to fight cancer
Mastercard are offering to donate $0.01 to fighting cancer for every meal bought using their service worth over $10.00, up to a value of $4 million. They’ve partnered with Foursquare to spread awareness, with images like the below appearing on users’ smartphones.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 17.03.55

ASDA helping mums to #savesummer
UK supermarket giant ASDA is helping mums to #savesummer, by suggesting things to make or cook with their children, including ice-cream burgers and Play-Doh dinosaurs, for which the components can all be bought via Mums will be encouraged to share photos of their efforts on social media, using the hashtag #savesummer.

Buxton asks if Ashes fans have #gotthebottle
Water brand Buxton has created a campaign to celebrate its sponsorship of the Ashes, featuring large digital display boards at train stations across the UK on match days. These will feature tweets from fans and their own @GotTheBottle Twitter account, along with Ashes information and an image of Buxton brand ambassador, England captain Alastair Cook.

Vodafone’s holiday hashtag competition
UK mobile provider Vodafone has produced a Twitter competition that encourages followers to choose holiday destinations based on where certain hashtags are trending. Users choose a hashtag, such as #YOLO or #touristshit, then virtually book a holiday to the location where that hashtag is trending, in order to be in with the chance of winning a break. (1)

Barbour’s 100 days of summer
Clothes brand Barbour, most famous for its wax country jackets popular in Chelsea, is running a summer-themed content stream on its Tumblr, with a new hashtag for each of the ’100 days of summer’. Fans are also being encouraged to share their own content to add to the brand’s, some of which appears as below:


Spotify’s super customer service
Spotify showed last week how good customer service can be. When a fan named Jelena Woehr sent in some positive feedback, she received the following playlist in return, complete with hidden message:


Fireball Whisky in trouble for Facebook posts
Fireball Whisky has had Facebook posts banned by the Advertising Standards Authority, on the grounds that they implied alcohol is indispensible, encourage excessive drinking and are likely to exploit the young, immature and vulnerable. The updates included links to student blogs and references to falling over, plus dumping your boyfriend in exchange for more whisky, so it’s pretty unsurprising that they fell foul of ad standards. This goes to show how important it is for brands to realise that Facebook content is strictly regulated, just like TV or print.

The Vatican offers indulgences to Pope’s Twitter followers
The Vatican is offering time off purgatory for followers of Pope Francis’s tweets. The move, which has to have one of the best prizes on offer for a social media competition, sees the Church’s increased attempts to embrace modern technology and specifically the social web. With Twitter accounts in 8 languages, it’s not clear if you get bonus points for how many you follow. Especially if you can’t read Latin.



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Top Facebook Pages in Asia, June 2013 [Part 1]

by Jane Hoang in News

SocialBakers’ latest infographics on the Top Facebook Pages in June have been released. We’re delighted to give you a snapshot of the most interesting features for the selected Asian countries as below.

Hong Kong:

Gillette HK did an amazing job last month with the clever tactic of encouraging fans to Like their post (target: 10K Likes before 10th Jul) in exchange for discounted price on the Fusion Proglide market-wide. With 13K total interactions by 30th Jun, the post enjoyed an outstanding engagement rate of 282%. Its success can be attributed to Gillette’s popularity in the country as well as consumer’s common appetite for promotion, which was amplified  effectively with the help of social media. However, Gillette HK’s page as a whole still requires substantial revamp to stay in the game.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.26.21 AM


With more than 13M local fans, Vodafone Zoozoos should have been the top Facebook brand in India as usual, not Tata Docomo. Putting that aside, we did not see many changes in the performance of India’s leading pages last month. The most popular post belonged to Cadbury Dairy Milk SILK, a dedicated forum “for Silk lovers to come and express themselves”. With visually appealing images and a strong brand message, Cadbury Dairy Milk SILK has been garnering significant support for their posts recently. Check it out if you love Cadbury products like I do!

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.21.45 AM


The highlight for Indonesia in June was the radical decrease in post engagement rate of the top 5 Facebook brands. MINI Indonesia and Head & Shoulders Indonesia, who held the 1st and 2nd position in May with more than 1000% monthly change in engagement rate, witnessed their scores falling by 75% and 60% respectively this time. The 3 remaining positions were also filled by new pages. Altogether, they suggest that a stably successful performance is what the top brands in Indonesia have not managed to pull off.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.24.40 AM


With 32% growth in fan base, Rakuten has surpassed both Starbucks and Softbanks to become the biggest page in Japan. Interestingly, it celebrated the milestone achievement of 900,000 Likes and 1M Likes on the same day (19th Jul). Rakuten’s Leisure Hunting game which captured the fans’ attention with its bold statement ” No Losers! Everybody who challenge will win”  lied at the core of this success. A win-win situation for all parties, indeed!

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.15.11 PM


KFC Malaysia has overthrown McDonald’s Malaysia to become the Facebook brand with highest number of local fan in the country in June. McDonald’s Malaysia, however, managed to obtain a huge success with the post advertising their new smoking BBQ McChicken. The persistent dominance of fast food chains like KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut in Malaysia is nothing novel, but still highly praiseworthy if we consider how swiftly the social media scene is evolving in this nation, and the region as a whole.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.46.41 AM



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