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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #174

by Andy Feng in News

Myanmar’s MySQUAR eyes Aim flotation in a fortnight

MySQUAR, Myanmar’s only social media platform in the local language, is raising about $2.5 million to build a local-language business of messaging applications and online games, and hopes to float on the Alternative Investment Market in a fortnight. Nearly 700,000 Burmese citizens already use its MyChat app, and that could be more than 1m by December if all goes to plan.


Blood4Life – One of Indonesia’s Longest Running Social Campaigns
In 2009, when her mother fell ill, Valencia Mieke Randa found herself spending a lot of time at the hospital. Randa’s mother desperately needed blood transfusions, and Randa recalls that it could sometimes take up to three days to find a donor.“There are millions of people who wish they could do good, but they don’t know how. At the hospital, they cry for help but don’t know who to turn to.”

That’s when Valencia started using her social media networks to campaign for blood donation and to find voluntary blood donors, who today has more than 80,000 followers on her Twitter account Blood4LifeID.

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We Are Social Asia Midweek Mashup #171

by Tobias Cragg in News
Uber unveiled #UberChopper in Shanghai to grow its profile in China
With the partnership of the aviation company Kaijet, consumers could book a helicopter ride through the Uber app. This is one in a string of Uber’s on-demand stunts to generate buzz around its car service. Between 9 a.m. and 10.30 am on the 25th April, one-click to the UberChopper app enabled users to buy a RMB 2,999 (US$484) four-hour sightseeing flight across the city.
Uber has operated in China since 2013. They now boast a presence in nine Chinese cities. Uber has been effective, too, in partnerships with major players in the market: leveraging Baidu’s search and mobile capabilities, and Alibaba’s e-payment system.

Twitter Self-Serve Ads now available to Indonesia SMBs
Indonesia’s SMBs can now run their own advertising initiatives and campaigns on the platform. Until now, only large companies with a direct working relationship with Twitter could launch campaigns and buy ad products.
Indonesia is the 5th market in the Asia-Pacific region to gain SMB access to ads. The others are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan. The move is an important one for both Twitter and Indonesia. The country is one of Twitter’s largest markets worldwide. Small businesses are a key pillar in Indonesia’s economy, with an estimated 50 million in the country.
In the purchase of ad products for SMBs, there is no minimum spend, and billing is by engagement.

Social Media Platforms lend support to Nepal earthquake relief/rescue effort
Facebook has created a message which will appear at the top of users news feeds encouraging them to donate to the International Medical Corps whose emergency response teams are operating in the region’s hardest hit areas. In addition, Facebook’s Safety Check function provides persons in and around affected areas to let friends and loved ones know they are alright through the platform.
Line, the communications app, has released special edition stickers the proceeds of which will go to the Japanese Red Cross relief fund. In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Line raised nearly half a million USD for victims.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #170

by Kristie Neo in News’s Asia rollout continues in Indonesia has proceeded to launch in Southeast Asia’s most populous nation Indonesia, even in the midst of poor reception in India. The Facebook-backed programme provides internet services to developing countries through a range of free apps and websites. Last week, a group of Indian companies withdrew their support for, citing concerns over ‘net neutrality’. They were afraid this would come at the expense of local businesses.

WeChat may soon appear in BMW cars in China
Online messaging in your car is a close possibility, if you’re driving a BMW in China. BMW AG has revealed that it plans to introduce Tencent’s WeChat into its cars in the country. The carmaker says this is coming in response to consumer requests for the app, which currently boasts roughly half a billion active users a month. Ford Motor has also said that its in talks with Tencent to integrate WeChat into their cars.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #167

by Jolene Siow in News

New business emerge out of Indonesia’s wave of social media ecommerce
Indonesia, the world’s 4th largest market for Facebook, and 5th for Twitter, is seeing innovative new businesses in social media ecommerce. Indonesian users on social networks have been buying and selling on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This phenomenon has seen a rise in unique ecommerce businesses that seek to harness this wave. Players such as Shopious, Kleora and Oiffel aggregate content from registered sellers’ Instagram profiles, helping them reach new audiences – a challenge previously faced by sellers.

Amazon aims to deliver groceries in just 2-4 hours in India
Tapping on local family-run convenience stores, known as kirana, Amazon is trying something new in India. With a new hyperlocal delivery service called Amazon KiranaNow, shoppers can get food and other essentials in just a few hours. This service is currently available only on mobile and in one city, Bangalore.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #158

by Melissa Law in News

Twitter acquires Indian startup Zipdial
In a move that indicates greater emphasis on emerging markets, Twitter has bought over Zipdial, an Indian startup that allows users to subscribe to brands’ content without having to connect to the Internet. In order to do so, all users have to do is to give a missed call to a specific number belonging to a brand or service, and they will receive updates. This offline component of the service will be beneficial for Twitter to pursue users in emerging markets, where smartphone penetration and mobile data usage are still low.

Major brands in Indonesia find success on social media
While major brands like Coca-Cola have traditionally been focusing efforts on TV to launch products in Indonesia, marketers are increasingly citing issues like saturation and clutter on TV as reasons to look to Facebook first when planning campaigns. With 37 million daily active users and 71 million monthly active users, Indonesia has one of the largest Facebook users in the world.

WeChat is testing ads
WeChat has started testing ads in ‘Moments’, its (rough) equivalent to Facebook’s News Feed. So far, the network has been reluctant to include advertising; with 468.1 million monthly active users, this could be a big business. Sponsored posts will be marked as ‘promoted’.

Transfer money via Twitter
Indian bank, ICICI, has launched a ‘tweet to pay’ function. Users simply need to follow @icicibank and send a DM containing the recipient’s username and amount to be transferred. The recipient doesn’t need to be an ICICI customer either.

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