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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup #221

by Kristie Neo in News

WeChat is China’s most popular social app, scores 706 million monthly active users

WeChat remains (unsurprisingly) China’s most popular social app, surging past 700 million monthly active users for the first time in March. The only social messaging app that comes close to WeChat is QQ, also owned by Tencent. Alibaba’s Taobao comes at a distant third, at 250 million less users than WeChat. Yes – 250 million users. (Don’t blink.)


Shell We Move?: Suumo turns sandy beaches into live media

What do hermit crabs and house hunters have in common? Lots apparently.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.28.34 PM

Suumo, the largest real estate information agent in Japan embarked on a social project called “Shell We Move” involving hermit crabs, oceanographers and engineers. The project got the team building new ocean-friendly artificial shell homes for the crabs, turning the entire beach into a live media site for Suumo. View the full vid here.

BMW wants you to keep your EyesonGigi

What’s sexier than Gigi Hadid? A blue BMW 2016 M2 Coupés, of course.


No actually – 5 of them, and you, racing in the middle of a desert. Follow Gigi closely as she gets into one of the cars. They accelerate and swerve through a series of formations before you guess at the end of the video, which one she was in. The video is shot in 360, so navigating it makes it a little extra fun.


If you guess incorrectly, you don’t get anything, but if you do guess right, you…don’t get anything either. Nothing except an extra clip of Gigi fixing her hair and smiling straight at you. Should be worth the effort eh?

It’s a great example of how 360 video can be coupled with extra interactivity through a guessing game. View BMW’s campaign website at
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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #219

by Zahirah Taha in News

Internet, Internet, who’s the biggest fool of all?
For the longest time, brands have been jumping on the April Fool’s bandwagon with pranks and jokes disguised as actual news and announcements. What have brands been up to this year?

Intel Singapore disguises prank in the form of a tip:

Always running out of battery on your smartphone? We might have a trick or two to help you conserve power. #TechTips Posted by Intel Singapore on Thursday, 31 March 2016


Jetstar Group gives us a glimpse into what flight announcements would sound like in Singlish:


Google bring fans a new kind of reality with its Cardboard Plastic:


Uber Hong Kong launches a new arm for one day only – UberPLANE:

TT Uber HK

If there’s anything that we know for sure, it’s to never take anything seriously on April 1st!

Line releases chat AI plug-in
While Facebook is a few weeks shy from officially opening Messenger to third party bots, Line has recently announced its move towards making its API available in a bid to integrate bots and chat AI within its messaging app. With this new features, official accounts (typically owned by businesses and celebrities) in Japan will soon be able to automate interactions with its users, thus opening up more possibilities for the messaging app.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #207

by Zahirah Taha in News

Reminiscing David Bowie
Following the passing of music legend David Bowie, the Internet took to the web to pay their tributes to the rockstar.

From fellow musicians:


To brands:


… and even political figures:

Musical genius of a generation. David Bowie, born Jan 1947, raised in Brixton, London. Died 11 Jan 2016 from cancer…. Posted by Tharman Shanmugaratnam on Monday, 11 January 2016

Rest in peace, David Bowie.

A dating app for the good looking
New social media platforms in China are increasingly targeting more niche audiences in order to differentiate themselves. Xianrou, whose name translates to ‘fresh meat’, require interestes users to send an application to join. Users will only be allowed to join once they have been verified as good looking. Co-founder and CEO Wu Shuping says the app is trying to solve disappointments related to online dating – so what users see on Xianrou profiles is truly what they’ll get in real life.

Bringing Japanese pet owners together
Based on its success in US, the developers of Meet My Dog is now working to bring the app to Japan. As the app name suggests, it is a space for Japanese pet owners to find each other, connect, and even arrange play dates for their furry friends. Besides that, the app also aims to be able to provide location-based information to its users such as products and services that may be of interest to them.
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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-up #190

by Kristie Neo in News

Gaption: A social network that pays for your content
We’ve heard this – time is money. Malaysia-based social network Gaption, knows this well, so much so that they’ve gone a step ahead and spun it around a business idea that gets social media users like you to get paid for just going online.

The money comes from brand advertisers. Gaption uses a tracking system to monitor content that performs well or engages well with audiences online. They then go on to sell these insights to brands, get the brands invest, and re-distribute the profits back to users. How much an online user earns depends on a variety of factors such as online popularity, and how much time he/she spends online.

Since its inception in June, Gaption has garnered 20,000 users and generated US$10,000 in revenue, which it has shared with its users. The company has grand plans ahead. They’re planning to capture 10 to 15 million users with an average of US$900,000 per month over the next two years. Next markets to target include Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Japanese messaging service Line unveils Line Launcher App
Line wants you to have more of their cuddly bears, bunnies, duckies and conversation stickies to share with all your friends. And Line fans can’t get enough – the app has received about 4.5 stars on Play Store.
They’ve unveiled the Line Launcher App that allows users to customise the look of their smartphone based on a range of Line-inspired wallpapers, icons, and widgets, with over 3,000 free options ranging from scenery, nature and animal motifs. Popular Line characters Brown, Cony and Sally are included as well.
release_image_line-launcher_en03Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.55.25 pm

Indonesia’s Yogrt clinches US$3 million in funds, boasts former Acer Indonesia CEO as co-founder
Indonesia-based social networking app Yogrt managed to clinch US$3 million in funding, with just 500,000 registered users and a 10-month track record in Indonesia. Not bad for a start-up at all.
It’s the first app made by Kongko Digital, a Singapore-based company. One of its co-founders, Jason Lim, was the former CEO of Acer Indonesia who left his post to pursue ambitions to be an entrepreneur.

Yogrt functions a lot like Tinder. It locates active app users based on your location. If you “like” their profiles and they “like” you back, you get the opportunity to chat with them. In addition to that, you also get to challenge users with games and quizzes to get them to like you back.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #180

by Kristie Neo in News
Facebook Lite launches in India & the Philippines
The name says it all. Facebook has launched a “Lite” version of its social networking service, targeting users in emerging markets where user growth is expected to expand at a rapid pace. According to reports, India is set to be the largest Facebook user base in the world by 2017, so this is hardly a surprising move from Facebook, really.

In sum, Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of the regular app while retaining all the original functions of the service. It is less than 500 KB in size, and works well on 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Local communication apps, text are preferred modes of mobile communication in Japan, South Korea
That’s according to a report by Ericsson Consumer Lab, which surveyed 100,000 individuals in Japan, South Korea, India, UK and the US. The findings reveal some interesting insights. For instance in India, users spend nearly half of their time on smartphones on communication apps. In markets like Japan and South Korea, local communication apps are more popularly used as compared to those surveyed in the UK and US markets. Japanese and South Koreans also prefer text over voice calls. According to Ericsson, 1 in 4 Japanese smartphone users do not make traditional voice calls anymore.

You can read the full report here.

Taiwanese chat messaging app Pal+ secure $1.3m in funds
Taiwan chat messaging app, Pal+ has received all of $1.3 million in fresh funds to expand its growing venture. The funds came from Asiasoft, a listed game publisher in Thailand.
Pal+ is a forum-based app which invites individuals with common interests to participate in online discussions. Users get to share and discuss a wide range of topics from entertainment to animation and games, and share them with friends instantly.

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