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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #214

by Aubrey Teng in News
A look at #LeapDay2016

Do you remember what you did 4 years ago on 29 February? Probably not. In the space of social media, Leap Day 2012 saw the announcement of Timeline for Brands Pages. Fast forward to #LeapDay2016, let’s take a look at how brands celebrated the extra day.

Fitbit’s company mission to empower and inspire healthier, more active lifestyles. With the extra 24 hours #LeapDay brings, Fitbit urges you to get moving with a step goal.

Razer wants to know who your favourite jumpman is. My personal favourite is Mario.


Learn more about the origins of #LeapDay with Youtube and Vox in this video.

Apple’s app store celebrates #LeapDay by giving users 5 free apps.

No plans on 29 Feb? Let Intel give you some ideas on how to spend your #LeapDay.

Zappos started a petition to make #LeapDay a national holiday in the US with their #TakeTheLeap campaign. In the spirit of their #TakeTheLeap campaign, they gave their employees a paid day off.

Social networking service Migme enjoys spectacular growth
Singapore-based Migme released its latest numbers and the results are impressive: fivefold revenue growth as well as a total of 32 million monthly active users. The social networking and entertainment platform has a strong user base in Indonesia, India and Philippines. On top of social networking apps like Migme and LoveByte, the company owns a portfolio of other brands: artist management platform Alivenotdead, and e-commerce platform Sold.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday TuneUp #114

by Suhaina Adam in News

Sina Weibo now has another 2.5 million daily active users
Last quarter was a successful one for Sina, with an additional 2.5 million daily active users. The number of users increased by 4.2% from 58.9 million in September to 61.4 million in December.

WeChat launches Mac app
A web version of WeChat is already available for users to chat on their PCs but there will now be a desktop Mac client – in both English and Chinese.  Users need to have Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above to install the client, and scan a QR code to sync their mobile version to the browser.

Chinese Vine-like app Weishi gaining popularity in China
Tencent’s new app Weishi may just be on its way to success just like its predecessor, the hugely popular WeChat. On Valentine’s Day, it received 160 million video views on a single day, with “millions” more outside the app itself. It is no surprise that the app is in the top three most downloaded social networking apps in Apple’s App Store in China from end December to February 25, 2014.

Line opens sticker marketplace to all, introduces voice calling
Japanese-based messenger app, Line, is opening its sticker marketplace to all designers and companies from April. This could be a significant move, as stickers currently account for 20% of Line’s revenue, despite being available to partners only. Like WhatsApp, Line is also launching a voice-calling service, which will be released first in the US, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and the Phillipines.

Twitter continues to grow in the US
Twitter’s user base in the US is growing and, as of 2013, accounts for 17.6% of US internet users, expected to rise to 19.2% in 2014. Growth is slowing, however, with 2014′s expected user increase just 11.6% compared to 2013′s 19.4%. Users are maturing, too; a higher percentage of 25-34 year olds than teenage internet users are on Twitter; by 2018, 35-44 year olds will also outnumber teenagers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 13.10.01

Facebook decreases reach for status updates
Edgerank Checker has analysed the reach of Facebook plain-text status updates, concluding that there has been an average 40% decrease between 7th January and 4th February this year, from 18% to 11%. Video posts now have the biggest reach, followed by status updates, while users engage most with photos.

Tagging other Facebook pages can increase reach
It’s not all bad news for Facebook reach, though. Now, when one page tags another in a post, that update may appear in the newsfeeds of those who already ‘like’ its subject. See the post below, in which a Facebook user who ‘likes’ NBA star Dwight Howard is exposed to content from Bleacher Report, in which Howard is tagged.


Facebook pages can edit past updates
Facebook has made it possible for more pages to edit their updates, with the feature now available to all verified pages, as well as some others. There is as yet no known date for a universal rollout.

Facebook puts an end to email
Facebook has put an end to its email offering, officially disbanding the service after acquiring WhatsApp. The feature, introduced in 2010, provided users with an @facebook account, but it proved unpopular. For those who weren’t aware of the feature… well, precisely.

Promoted accounts to appear in Twitter search
Twitter is featuring promoted accounts in search, alongside recommendations of who to follow when users enter certain terms. The network will automatically decide which queries are appropriate, based on advertisers’ targeting decisions.


LinkedIn updates ‘Who’s viewed your profile’
LinkedIn has significantly updated its ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ section. Where users previously saw just names, they will now be treated to analytics, including industry and job title, as well as tips on how to increase the number of views your profile receives.


WhatsApp to introduce voice calls
WhatsApp, Facebook’s recently acquired messenger service, is set to launch voice calling on iPhone and Android by Q2 this year. The feature will eventually expand to other devices, and will reportedly be free for at least a limited time.

Updates to Google+ for iPhone and Android
Google+ has completely revamped Hangouts for iPhone and iPad, such that the feature now resembles mainstream messaging apps like WhatsApp. Changes include reorganised tabs (Hangouts, Favourites and Contacts), as well as the ability to send videos, stickers and locations.


It’s not just iOS that received updates, though; photo-editing for Android has changed, too. Along with new filters and creative tools, there is increased ‘cloud’ integration, so users can access and edit all their photos from any device.


Snapchat could look to college students
College students could be the key to Snapchat’s success, with 77% of the demographic using the app at least once per day. Of those, 45% said that they would open a snap from a brand they’d never heard of, the number rising to 73% for already-known brands.

McDonald’s joins Snapchat
Talking of brands on Snapchat, a particularly large one has just got involved: McDonald’s. The fast food chain told its Twitter followers about its Snapchat plans, and has since shared several snaps, some including brand spokesperson and basketball star, LeBron James.


Apple begins to embrace social
Apple has launched a Tumblr to promote its iPhone 5C, complete with four different 15-second videos. The move comes as something of a surprise, considering Apple’s historical reluctance to engage in social media.



American Idol announces partnerships with Facebook and Google
Reality TV programme American Idol announced partnerships with Facebook and Google last week. The former is set to host ‘live visualisations’, which will “bring a new dimension to the viewing experience and enhances the connection fans have with the show”. Fans will also be able to vote directly via

Manchester United and Google’s ‘Front Row’
English Premier League club Manchester United has partnered with Google to create ‘Front Row’. By using Google+ Hangouts, the club will be able to show the faces of participating fans on pitchside ad hoardings during the 16th March derby game against rivals Liverpool.

The Oscars and social media
Last night’s Oscars, like any big award shows, generated a lot of Twitter chat, with over 7 million mentions of the hashtags #oscars and #oscars2014 on the platform. A few moments proved particularly popular on social, including a photobomb by Benedict Cumberbatch and Leonardo DiCaprio missing out on an award. However, the clear winner was a star-studded selfie by host Ellen DeGeneres.

The post took just 40 minutes to become the most retweeted of all time, outdoing Obama’s ‘four more years’ from 2012. It turned out to be a well thought-out piece of product placement from Samsung, whose Note 3 was used to take the image, on a night when several brands were looking to get in on the act. Arby’s purchased Pharrell’s famous hat for charity, NASA used mentions of Gravity to display their own images and pizza chain Big Mama’s & Papa’s were delighted when DeGeneres put in an order from the ceremony.



Al Jazeera asks social network users to help #FreeAJStaff
News network Al Jazeera is calling for action to promote awareness about journalists detained in Egypt. Supporters are encouraged to share pictures and messages on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FreeAJStaff, which will be amplified using Thunderclap. Images will be curated on a Tumblr dedicated to the hashtag.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 15.21.05


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Five Friday Facts #17

by Cai Yu Lam in News

Mobile more popular than TV 
A new survey by InMobi has revealed some interesting statistics about how mobile has permeated the lives of Singaporeans50% of respondents regarded mobile as their primary or exclusive means of accessing the Internet. 44% had discovered something new while 27% found better options via mobile advertising, and 29% found relevant products and services nearby using their mobile devices. Singaporeans also appear to be more tolerant of mobile advertising, with 71% of respondents claiming to be comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertisements, which is 5% higher than the global average. When it comes to making purchase decisions, 47% of Singaporean consumers who responded refer to their mobile devices before making a purchase, compared to 34% who rely on TV. Most importantly, Singaporeans seem to be very active in mobile payments, with 52% having made transactions over their mobile device, and a further 70% planning to perform mobile commerce activities this year. Perhaps mobile payments could really take off in Singapore.

How Indians access YouTube
A significant number of Indians access YouTube via their mobile devices. In particular, 29% of YouTube views in India come from mobile. This figure came from Ad:tech 2012‘s Master Class series, during which the engagement generated by YouTube videos was also shared. 63% of users search on YouTube for related videos, 57% of users watch another related video, and 52% read comments posted for the video.

China’s Internet population
According to data from CNNIC used to compile this infographic byThem, China’s Internet population is now 513 million big. 55% of China’s Internet population is male, the other 45% female, and each user spends about 2.7 hours online every day. China’s e-commerce industry is seeing tremendous growth , with 6 trillion RMB in e-commerce transactions that is growing 45% year-on-year and encompasses a total of 190 million online shoppers. 44% of Internet users shop online at least once a week. China’s Internet users are also active on social media. 50% of users have more than 1 social network profile, and 30% log into a social network at least once a day.

A marketer’s guide to Pinterest
There’s been much ado made about Pinterest for the past couple of months, but we couldn’t resist posting this lovely infographic by MDG Advertising. Its users are overwhelmingly female, 87% of its users to be precise, and the majority who are “pinning” are 35 to 44. Pinterest hit 11.7 million unique monthly US visitors in January 2012, and although its referral traffic to websites of 3.6% for the month of January pales in comparison to Facebook’s 26.4%, it has potential for growth as long as marketers’ interest in its platform as an effective network for branding and engagement with audiences is sustained.

The Oscars on Twitter
The 84th annual Academy Awards was not as tweeted about as the Grammy Awards were, but still let’s take a look at how the Twitterverse reacted. The show was tweeted about 2.05 million times throughout the 3-hour program, and peaked at 18,718 tweets per minute during Cirque du Soleil’s performance at the award ceremony. Meryl Streep received the most mentions amongst other award nominees with 74,793 tweets, and Hugo was the film most mentioned with 110,179 tweets.

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