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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #169

by Zahirah Taha in News

Tencent market value breaks US$200 billion for the first time ever
Chinese internet giant, Tencent, has hit a new record high when its stock closed at HK$170.50 on Monday. The company’s total market value is now above US$200 billion, bringing it close to companies such as Facebook that is valued at US$231 billion.

Singtel launches new chat messaging app, Wavee.
With a tried and true approach found in most chat messaging apps, Wavee does it all by letting you send messages, stickers, photos and also make calls over VoIP. Wavee has also been compared to popular alternatives that has been on the market for a while now: Skype, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat and Viber. A stand-out feature of Wavee is that it lets users draw and send sketches through the app, something not common to most chat messaging apps.

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Social, Digital & Mobile in August 2014

by Simon Kemp in News

We Are Social - Global Digital Stats 2014-08

We posted a bumper selection of infographics in August, so I thought it might help to share them all in one place here.

We’ll start with the latest global numbers, but you’ll find individual Digital, Social and Mobile data for a whole host of countries below too.

If the country you want isn’t here, you’ll find 100+ more countries in the following reports:

We Are Social - Global Digital Stats 2014-08-30

We Are Social - Global Chat App Figures 2014-08-25

We Are Social - China Stats 2014-08-29

We Are Social - Singapore Stats 2014-08-26

We Are Social - Indonesia Stats 2014-08-27

We Are Social - Philippines Stats 2014-08-25

We Are Social - Pakistan Stats 2014-08-25

We Are Social - Australia Stats 2014-08-25

We Are Social - Belgium Stats 2014-08-25

We Are Social - Digital in Barbados Aug 2014

We Are Social - Kenya Stats 2014-08-25

If you still can’t find data for the country you’re looking for, tweet us via @wearesocialsg and @eskimon and we’ll see what we can do!

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We Are Social Asia Midweek Mashup #138

by Zahirah Taha in News

LINE’s user-generated stickers received US$12 million in sales
Earlier this year, LINE allowed users to create and register their own stickers. Since going live in mid-April, over 1.7 million sticker sets have been created and within three and a half months, have generated almost US$12 million (SGD$1.5 million) in sales revenue.

WeChat driving change in China’s app ecosystem
China’s app ecosystem is fast expanding, as consumers increasingly spend on apps. Notably, China was ranked the third largest contributor to iOS revenue. Junde Yu, Asia-Pacific Vice-President of app-ranking firm App Annie, noted that the key driver of this change is WeChat. With 438 million users actively using the platform to interact with other users and even play games, WeChat has been responsible for this behavioural change in Chinese mobile users.

‘Twitter for voice’ app Bubbly sold to Indian mobile services firm
Amidst the speculation of the future of Bubbly, the company has announced that it has been acquired by an India-based mobile company, Altruist Technologies. Bubbly is intended to be used alongside Altruist’s one-to-one messaging platforms and will be cross-promoted and its resources shared. However, even with the deal, Bubbly will remain an independent business.
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12 Things Singaporeans Tweeted On National Day

by Suhaina Adam in News

So last Saturday afternoon, I plopped down on the couch to catch the National Day Parade, and boy, was I in for a show. Singaporeans may tend to complain A LOT about Singapore, but on 9th August, there’s always that sense of pride to call this little red dot our Home.

I was curious to find out what Singaporeans had to say on National Day and lucky me, it was raining tweets all day. Here’s what I found:

1) Singaporeans are especially patriotic on National Day

2) We are proud to be in a multiracial society


3) We all agree it was a good decision not to have an NDP song this year

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I won’t tell if you won’t: #donttellmum

by Laura Picard in News

Father’s day is just around the corner, and a few folks here at We Are Social Singapore have decided to scrap the usual approach–canned phrases, cookie-cutter gifts and Hallmark greeting cards–those gestures that seem applicable to everyone, and yet speak to no one in particular at the same time. Instead, we wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of every relationship with dad, and those unspoken rules that sometimes need to be bent in the name of having a bit of fun.

Like that time when you left the door unlocked, or snuck in after curfew, and he caught you but kept it “between us”. Or that time when you were the one covering for dad, cause he forgot to buy the milk (again!)–those little moments that always ended with a pact: “Don’t tell mum.”

We’re still taking submissions, on both Twitter and Tumblr. If you like what you see, and if you’re keen to get an illustrated dad moment of your own, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to make your Father’s Day extra special this year :)

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