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We Are Social Asia Tuesday TuneUp #48

by Karen Wee in News

WeChat launches in Indonesia
China-built cross platform messaging application, WeChat (known as Weixin in China) has launched in Indonesia. The potential is immense as Indonesia’s the world’s 4th most populous country with a population of 237 million people, slightly larger than WeChat’s worldwide user base of 200 million. The latest development is expected to put pressure on competitors such as WhatsApp and Line to make similar moves in addition to threatening Blackberry’s BBM’s dominance in Indonesia. WeChat’s popular integrated social networking features such as hold-to-talk voice messaging, ‘Moments’ status update and photo sharing features are expected to give the hybrid chat app a leg up with Indonesian users. Likewise, the features can prove attractive to advertisers seeking to leverage on the reach offered by the product.

Twitter vs Weibo
Last week we mentioned that Chinese Twitter users are the most active despite being blocked in China. Whilst Twitter is the dominant microblog service in the US, China has 2 homegrown microblog platforms, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, that are very popular within the mainland and increasingly beyond its shores. Given China’s massive population size and an increasingly affluent society that is wired and crazy about social networking, the twin threats that Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo pose to Twitter’s microblog-dom’s dominance should not be ignored even if they currently do not have a stronghold on English-speakers. Check out the infographic comparing the 3 platforms here.

Indonesian Instagram users can now print photos with Instalogi
Prinstagram-clone Instalogi allows Indonesian Instagram users to print photos in addition to photobooks and stickers. Launched on September 1st, users can sign into their Instagram accounts on the Instalogi site, pick the photos they want printed, check them out, pay, send a confirmation and wait for the prints to be delivered. The startup’s founder Kemas Dimas revealed that plans are underway to develop a mobile web version of the product and that they’ll be holding an event with iPhonesia, the largest iPhone-based photography community in Indonesia.

WhatsApp offers unlimited messaging service for Indian college students
Making a play for the world’s 2nd most populous country, WhatsApp  has partnered with Reliance to offer unlimited usage of its messaging service to college students. Reliance’s College Package is a prepaid plan offering students unlimited access to WhatsApp and Facebook for INR 16 (S$ 0.37) a month. The plan excludes calls and SMSes.

The deal will provide WhatsApp with an advantage as it competes with Indian-developed Nimbuzz which hit the 100 million users milestone recently with most of its users residing on the Indian subcontinent. WhatsApp has also struck deals with operators in Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Notably, Indonesian top operator, Telkomsel has added WhatsApp along with Line and KakaoTalk to its US$3 (S$3.69) unlimited monthly plan. India is on the radar too for Blackberry which doubled its sales presence and launched budget devices. It faces stiff competition though from Samsung which is the leading brand for Android devices in the country.

LinkedIn opens regional office in Dubai
US-based LinkedIn has opened a new regional office in Dubai, its first in the Middle Eastern region with more than a million members signing up within the United Arab Emirates alone. In February 2012, LinkedIn reported more than 44 million members in Europe, Middle East and Africia out of 175 million members worldwide. The company’s influence is reportedly growing at a strong pace with 2 new members signing up every second. Having recently hit 10 million members in the UK and 62% of its users residing outside of its homebase in the US, LinkedIn could be the next social networking behemoth to watch.

Facebook cracks down on fake accounts
Some page admins are reporting that they are losing tens of thousands of fans as Facebook deletes fake and spam accounts. Facebook estimates that on average, pages shouldn’t lose more than 1% of its fan base, though we hope marketers aren’t too worried by these fans who didn’t contribute to engagement anyway.

Facebook adds gift giving for big occasions
You really have no excuse for forgetting to buy a birthday present — now when Facebook reminds you of a friend’s birthday, you’ll also get the option to give a gift in the real world (at least if you live in the US). Browse the selection of $5 Starbucks gift cards, $35 cupcakes and more, enter your bank card details and voila, no birthday will be left behind. Facebook will be celebrating with presents for itself as well, as it takes a slice of each of the transactions and gets valuable data about its users, like their street addresses and bank account information.

Dropbox links up with Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups just got more useful with the announcement of Dropbox support, and users can now share files after linking their Facebook account with Dropbox. Other group members can like and comment  on the update, just like a regular post, and the group will automatically be notified if the file has been updated.

Instagram shoots past Twitter in daily mobile users
Maybe pictures are worth more than words now: For the first time ever, American smartphone owners spent more time browsing Instagram than Twitter and visited the Instagram app more frequently. Even though Twitter had more unique US smartphone visitors (29 million for Twitter and 22 million for Instagram), Instagram’s users are more engaged. In August, Instagram had an average of 7.3 million daily active users, compared to Twitter’s 6.9 million. And Instagrammers spent 257 minutes on the app on average, as opposed to 170 minutes on Twitter. How soon until Facebook figures out how to monetize these numbers?

Twitter beefs up ‘Discover’
Twitter continues to improve its Discover tab, a personalized finger-in-the-wind where the site tries to pick up what it thinks you’ll like reading about. Twitter has changed up the design, which now features a continuous stream of tweets that automatically expand to show photos.

LinkedIn adds ‘kudos’ for skills
In one click, your LinkedIn connections will now be able to give you endorsements for your skills and expertise, as well as make recommendations for ones you should add, in something much akin to a Facebook ‘Like’ or a +1. Skills are now vertically ranked based on the number of endorsements received from your colleagues, and you’ll be notified via e-mail and on the site when you’ve been given some LinkedIn love.  This is available in the US, India, New Zealand and Australia, but LinkedIn promises it will be coming to more countries soon.

Myspace is bringing sexy back
We were sure that Myspace had been forever banished to the Internet graveyard, but then Justin Timberlake jumped on board and brought it back from the dead. Justin, along with Chris and Tim Vanderhook who bought the site in June 2011, have completely revamped it and hope to make it a social destination for artists looking to connect to their fans. If nothing else, the tech press is going gaga, and for good reason: The site is just downright pretty. The design looks like it has been heavily influenced by Tumblr and Pinterest, and keeping with the Pinterest vibe, the new Myspace invite-only for the moment. Myspace looks like it wants to play nice with Twitter and Facebook to populate your profile with photos and data so that new users aren’t starting from scratch. Get the grand tour of the new Myspace (as much as we can see now anyway) here.

Foursquare introduces personalized maps
Fed up with Apple’s maps on iOS 6? Foursquare has released its new update just in time. The Explore is getting better and better, and the latest update has a much more efficient search system, which gives a higher ranking to what’s popular in the area and what your friends like. And just like the website, the mobile app can now show a personalized map highlighting places you have or haven’t been before and where your friends have been.

StumbleUpon unveils redesign
Not to be outdone by Pinterest and other social networks, StumbleUpon has gotten a makeover that makes the random-internet-discovery-engine more personal and social. Users can now see what’s trending, find out what’s highly recommended by StumbleUpon “experts” and curate lists of their favorite content. Sounds pretty Pinterest-y. But StumbleUpon does seem to be going its own direction by incorporating personal profile analytics, such as your Stumble DNA, which shows the types of content you like best.

What can you buy for a tweet?
Kellogg’s has opened a pop-up shop in London where the cost of a bag of crisps is just one tweet. The experiment ended on Friday, but seems to have gone well, with hundreds of tweets and even spambots picking up the #tweetshop hashtag.

Paddy Power takes Twitter to the skies
To cheer on Europe during the Ryder Cup, Paddy Power bought the hashtag #GoEurope, but then took its tweets even further by putting them up in the clouds with a team of skywriters, which made the tweets visible up to 20 miles away. And all of Paddy Power’s support seems to have paid off, with Europe taking home the top slot and tweets using the hashtag from big names in golf.

KFC targets women in its first UK social media campaign
KFC has made a viral video featuring comedian Jenny Bede asking women to share their “it doesn’t count if…” stories about unhealthy eating on social media. While we’ve all been there (daily … it’s Monday, okay?!), it’s hard to imagine many women changing their perceptions of KFC from this video (especially nutrition-wise), one of the supposed goals of the campaign.

55DSL paints the town with ideas
What would you do if you had 55 seconds to live? Inspired by the brand’s recent launch in India, Diesel’s 55DSL has asked this question, and followers can see their best ideas “graffitied” on buildings on the brand’s site. The more tweets that are sent in with the #55secondstolive hashtag, the quicker the next level will be unlocked, which promises prizes to the top tweeters at each interval.

David Cameron says he’ll join Twitter
The UK’s Prime Minister himself has promised to join Twitter in hopes to communicate more directly with people, despite his past reservations about the social network. His office already uses the @Number10Gov handle, but having his own account will allow him to talk politics more personally. No word on what that handle will be, though@PrimeMinister looks suspiciously suitable.

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Visual Content Drives Engagement

by Karen Wee in News

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” could well do with a little updating in the age of Social Media and instant photo sharing. We say, “A picture is worth a thousand words, Likes and shares; actually, maybe more!”

Men and women are visual creatures so it should come as no surprise that images are essential tools for social media marketing and engagement. A recent study by M Booth and Simply Measured yielded the following findings which they expressed perfectly in an infographic (but, of course!):

  1. Facebook: Videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined.
  2. Facebook: Photos are liked 2 times more than text updates.
  3. Tumblr: 42% of posts are photos.
  4. YouTube: 100 million users take a social action on videos every week.
  5. Pinterest: Refers more traffic for photo and video posts than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Google+.

In an age where we’re constantly bombarded with information, a visually appealing image within a sea of text arrests the attention of a time-starved individual.

What’s your take? Are you more of a ‘long-reads’ type, or a visual person?

Infographic from MBOOTH via Hubspot

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Five Friday Facts #25

by Cai Yu Lam in News

Location-based services increasing in popularity
The Mobile Life Study by TNS discovered that more than 60% of users worldwide who don’t already use location-based services (LBS) want to. Currently, nearly 20% of mobile users are using LBS, with 22% using these services to find friends who are nearby, 26% using them to find restaurants and entertainment venues, 19% checking public transport schedules with LBS, and 8% using them to book a taxi. In particular, the use of LBS in developed Asia is greater than the rest of the world. In the past three months, 45% of smartphone users in developed Asia have used their phones to purchase or research for something they have bought, compared to 21% of smartphone users globally. Smartphone users from developed Asia are also more receptive towards location-based mobile advertising compared to the rest of the world. More than 30% would be interested in mobile advertising if it was related to something they were interested in, 28% wouldn’t mind if it was promoting a deal near their current location, and 25% would be interested if it was something they were already searching for. This signals the opportunities for location-based marketing that marketers can capitalise on.

LinkedIn opens office in Hong Kong
Professional networking platform LinkedIn has opened it 9th APAC office in Hong Kong to better serve its 471,000 members, with a focus on running initiatives to attract new sign-ups as well as market its various premium services such as Hiring SolutionsMarketing Solutions and Premium Subscriptions to firms. LinkedIn released a snapshot of its users in Hong Kong – “Management Consultants” is mentioned 10,853 times in users’ profile titles, “Public Relations” is mentioned 3,812 times, while “Fashion Designers” is mentioned 958 times in Hong Kong. 

Hispanics in US more active on social media than average American
According to a recent Nielsen report, Hispanics in the US are highly active on social media. In February 2012, Hispanics increased their visits to social networks and blogs by 14% from a year ago. Compared to the average US adult Internet user, Hispanics are 25% more likely to follow a brand and 21% more likely to post links, articles, videos and websites. They are also 17% more likely to build or update a personal blog.

Increasing usage of tablet devices for purchasing decisions
A study from Local Corporation revealed that US consumers are increasing their use of tablets alongside their desktop and laptop PCs. 80% of all tablet owners surveyed said they used their tablet to research and purchase products, with 23% doing so in conjunction with using their desktop or laptop PCs. 50% of respondents used a tablet device to research products prior to a store visit, 43% use a tablet device to research products before making purchases on the computer, and 29% use a tablet device to research purchases during a store visit, a finding that should be particularly revealing to retailers who wish to better target consumers and improve their in-store experience through mobile devices. In particular, 19% of tablet users also used their mobile phones to research and make purchases.

StumbleUpon reaches 25 million users
Discovery and recommendation engine StumbleUpon hit 25 million users earlier this week, and saw a growth of about 1 million users every month since October 2011. Its active user base spend about 7 hours every month hitting the Stumble button, and around 20% of the 1.2 billion Stumbles made every month are made on mobile phones. StumbleUpon is responsible for referring more traffic to websites than any other social network in the US, and has more than 75,000 advertisers. At the moment, it has plans to create international versions of its own discovery engine as only 15% of Stumblers are currently based outside of North America, a potential development we can look forward to here in Asia.


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