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Video Consumption Is Soaring, But Do We Know Who Our Viewers Are?

by Nurfarah Mattar in News

In the past year, marketers have placed increasing emphasis on video consumption and best video formats. Facebook has an average of 8 billion daily video views, we post 75% more videos than a year ago, and many argue that the ideal video length is 30 seconds.

The chorus is increasingly tiresome and predictable – Let’s choose this format and that length to gain highest views possible. However, we often neglect the very people behind these views. To understand our audiences, this article examines video consumption behavior in Asia.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #220

by Aubrey Teng in News

SK-II puts the spotlight on China’s “leftover” women
SK-II’s latest spot explains the concept of “leftover” women – women over the age of 25 who are unmarried. The video features heart-wrenching confessions from various women struggling to cope with social and societal pressures to marry early.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.47.59 pm

There’s a delicate balance between staying true to yourself against meeting the expectations from parents in which the women tries to manage. Despite this insight coming from the Chinese market, it clearly cuts across regional boundaries with its raw and honest message on empowering women.

Instagram tests out new algorithm in selected countries
Noticed something different with your Instagram feed lately, specifically the timings of your posts? While not a universal change at this point, several users have noticed their feeds showing updates that are no longer in chronological order. Several countries have been selected by Instagram to test out the new algorithm changes, namely New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore and, Venezuela. If you see the effects on your timeline, what do you think about it so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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We Are Social Asia Midweek Mash-Up #218

by Wendy Yee in News

Facebook stumbles once more on ‘safety check’ feature after Lahore blasts
On 27 March, in light of a suicide bombing at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, which killed at least 65 people and left many injured, Facebook‘s ‘safety check’ feature came into play, but with a glitch – the social networking site asked those who were nowhere near the event to check in. Some took to Twitter to announce the trip-up in the Facebook algorithm, which prompts users to quickly notify their friends of their status after being in the vicinity of a tragedy. 

Facebook has apologised for the notifications, acknowledging that “this kind of bug is counter to the product’s intent.”

Web users in China had momentary access to YouTube and Google
Google circumvented China’s Great Firewall from 11:30pm on Sunday to 1:15am on the morning of 28 March (local time), and people with IP addresses based in mainland China could use YouTube and Google’s search facility. Traditionally, people would go through a VPN to access these services, but for 105 minutes there was no need to. Unsurprisingly, many took to social networking sites such as WeChat and Weibo to pronounce a return of free speech in China. However, it was a short-lived moment, which some claimed was due to Google bringing online a number of new IP servers for India, Japan and other countries in South-East Asia.

Instagram flooded by “Turn on post notifications” requests
Earlier this week, Instagram users might have noticed a sudden flurry of images urging them to “turn on post notifications” from their favourite accounts. This comes as a reaction to Instagram’s announcement on the upcoming algorithm changes that will replace the current chronological order of one’s timeline.
But before you flip that switch, let us bust some myths around this recommendation:

1) Has my feed changed? 
Not yet! And when it does, Instagram will let us know.

2) Will turning on post notifications restore my timeline to a chronological one? 
Yes, but only if you’re willing to turn it on for all 1,385 Instagram accounts you follow.
Realistically, no one is going to do that because each time any account updates with a new post, you will receive a push notification on your phone. Only do this for the people and the accounts that you wish to receive to real-time notifications from.

3) And if I don’t, will I miss out on the posts from my favourite Instagram accounts?
Probably not. The new algorithm seeks to highlight posts that you might care about the most based on your interactions and relationship with them. If you consistently engage with an account by liking and/or commenting on their posts, you will continue to see their content.

4) Once the changes kick in, how can I continue to grow my account and gain new followers?
The short answer is: create better content.

This means understanding your brand, what you stand for, your audience, knowing what they want and like in order to create content that will resonate with them.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #216

by Jimmy Wang in News

The secret to becoming Adele: Face-swapping!
Hello, it’s me. Apps like Snapchat and Face Swap Live have fuelled the growing popularity of video face-swapping. Apart from swapping faces with their significant other and making funny faces, people have also taken the opportunity to be their favourite celebrities – ableit only for a moment. Creative netizens of course, took to twitter to share their best Adele impersonations.


What other celebrity face-swaps have you come across? Let us know!

WeChat plans to target office workers with “Slack-like” offering
The company behind the highly popular messenger app WeChat, Tencent, is planning on launching a new messenger aimed at office workers. WeChat Enterprise will be banking on employees using the service all day, every day. The service aims to replace existing workroom chatter and also promises to expedite office-related tasks like requesting leave or reimbursements. One notable addition is the “receipt” function which is not presently offered in WeChat. This offers users the ability to register that they have read the message without flooding the group chat with “ok” or “noted”. A definite release date for Enterprise WeChat has not yet been confirmed and we can expect to see a more complete run-down of the new features as the service gets closer to launch.

Japanese start-up raises $1.5M to help hikers stay connected
Hiking and outdoors community and map provider Yamap announced US$1.49 million ($2.05 million) in funding from smartphone platform Colopl as well as Japanese venture capital funds Daiwa Securities and Dogan. Yamap uses GPS and map data to help hikers find their way even without an internet connection. Yamap believes that it is important to support safe outdoor activities and even makes its maps available for users to print. Rescue workers have already used Yamap to locate five people caught in a winter storm in January. Users can also keep travel logs with pictures that can be shared with the online community. Yamap hopes that its social media features will help keep it ahead of the competition like GPSies which also features similar map functions. We think it’s awesome that technology such as Yamap is helping the community experience safer outdoor activity experiences.

Line bans emojis of same-sex couples & transgender people in Indonesia
The Indonesian government claimed that mothers had raised concerns about the negative influence these images might have on children, and had worked with Line to come to an agreement which respects the local culture. This was not the first time Line had censored its platform for a particular locality. The company confirmed that users in China for example, are unable to use certain words like Tibet, at the request of the local government.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #215

by Andy Feng in News

Uber launches in Pakistan, prioritizes rider safety
Uber rolled out its uberGo service in Lahore on Wednesday, which is the app’s cheapest ride option offering chauffeur-driven hatchbacks. The uberGO service also allows riders to share their estimated time of arrival or a map with others to track their location.

Safe and reliable public transportation has long been an issue in Pakistan, particularly for women and places constraints on their mobility and ability to travel to and from their work places, according to a 2015 International Labor Organization report.

This will go a long way in assuaging the fears of women riding in private driver services like Uber, especially in countries where such concerns are prevalent.


Social Media agency gets pulled into an online spat with this Instagrammer
An online spat between a photographer and AIA gets put on the spotlight when the social media agency asked for permission to use the photographer’s image as part of their campaign.

The agency simply hoped to encourage user generated content but was perceived wrongly by the owner.

The agency has came out to say the entire situation has been taking out of context.

Facebook revamps News Feed to prioritise live videos
Facebook has altered its News Feed algorithm to give preference to live videos, explaining that users are now spending three times longer watching live video in comparison to an archived stream. The new concept aims to seamlessly unite live video and your timeline together cough Persicope cough. Some publishers have already welcomed the news – Huffington Post has said it will live streaming election coverage on Facebook instead of its website because that way it’s easier to interact with its correspondents. Additionally, brands who have previously said they’re more likely to use Periscope when live streaming may be swayed over now Facebook automatically pushes these videos to the top. RIP Periscope? RIP my data allowance!

Facebook Messenger partners with Spotify
Remember the days when Facebook Messenger was used purely as a messaging platform? These days you can use it to order an Uber, chat to brands directly and now, share your awful taste in music. iOS and Android users can now share songs, artists or playlists that they are listening to by selecting the Spotify option in the ‘more’ section on Messenger. Once your friend taps the link, they’ll be ferried over to Spotify where they can cast judgment. Instead of sending screenshots or typing out song names (what a chore!), it aims to inspire deep conversations about music, boosting engagement for both Spotify and Messenger.

WhatsApp introduces support for document sharing
With over one billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the big daddy of colloquial messaging, however on a professional basis it lacked a key functionality. So, last week, WhatsApp added a document sharing feature; it currently only recognises PDF files – great for e-tickets and scans – but it also lets you link to download files from iCloud and Dropbox. The move demonstrates WhatsApp’s plans to monetize the service in a business environment.

Instagram blocks deep linking in bios
If you had a link to your Snapchat in your Instagram bio, like many celebrities and 13-year-old girls, it’s not going work anymore. That’s because Instagram is ‘flexing its platform muscle’ and getting rid of deep links to Snapchat and Telegram within the app. Instagram spokesperson stated that it is “not the way our platform was intended to be used. Other types of links are still allowed.” That’s good news if you want to share links to blogs, websites and YouTube pages.

Facebook’s photo-sharing Moments app now supports video too
Introduced last June, Facebook’s Moments app was an easier way to share photos with friends and family. Now, a new update has widened Moments’ scope to include video sharing. Alongside the news of the new video feature, Facebook took the opportunity to share the success of Moments, with a whopping 400 million photos shared since its launch. Legend has it that before the days of Facebooking, Tweetering and Snapchatting, people shared moments face to face. It’s probably just a myth.

Snapchat reaches eight billion views per day
Eight billion. Eight. Billion. To break that down for you, that’s more than the population of Earth… and four times more than video-views-per-day figures that Snapchat released last May. It’s a big number. With its eight billion video views a day tally, Snapchat matches, at least on paper, Facebook’s daily video views. Snapchat also revealed that its 100 million daily users are spending an average of 30 minutes each day on the platform, with over half of new joiners being over the age of 25. Snapchat was unavailable to comment on their success; we can only assume that they’re too busy projectile vomiting rainbows.

11th March: Snapchat Day
Snapchat is teaming up with Major League Baseball to launch the first ever Snapchat Day (yes, really). Usually, MLB policies forbids the use of social media during regular and postseason but this year, Snapchat Day will see content broadcast from players and teams for all to see. This multi-year partnership will see the app cover a series of games and events throughout the series and users can even add individual teams for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Snapchat will benefit from ad revenue the partnership content pulls in, and MLB will attract a younger fan base. I’m personally holding out hope for a Snapchat Day public holiday.

LinkedIn launches targeting ad feature
LinkedIn now allows businesses to target ads to specific companies that they’re actually trying to reach, by running native ads through Sponsored updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns. The feature, aptly named ‘Account targeting’, allows marketers to provide a list of up to 30,000 companies they wish to target. LinkedIn then completes the nitty-gritty checks to see which of those are amongst the 8 million companies using LinkedIn before targeting their pages, on top of matching certain criteria such as seniority. According to Lindsey Edwards, senior product manager for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, there have been promising results so far, with customers investing increasing amounts.

Apple finally joins Twitter
About time, guys! As of last week, you can now communicate with Apple on Twitter, by using their new customer service handle @AppleSupport. The account, which seeks to “provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most”, racked up an enviable 24,000 followers within two hours. Although Apple has dabbled in Twitter handles before for specific products like iTunes and Apple Music, their new strategy highlights the importance of using as many channels for customer service as possible. Time to bombard @AppleSupport with all the questions I’m too lazy to Google.

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