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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune Up #181

by Tobias Cragg in News
Moderators coordinate response to dismissal of key Reddit employee
More tumultuous times for Reddit. Last month, the administration shut down several Subreddits which it had deemed offensive to the ire of some users who claimed the movie violated free speech. Now, the unexpected firing of one of Reddit’s key employees, Victoria Taylor, has sparked a concerted movement by the site’s volunteer moderators to block access to popular sections as a response to the dismissal. The Verge quotes a moderator as writing that this is just another episode in the ongoing difficulties between administrators and the volunteers who are lifeblood to the site.
Alipay seals a tasty deal with KFC
In China, Alibaba has launched a partnership with the fried chicken chain to enable the use of its mobile payments system in the store. At the register, customers navigate to a QR code on an app which is then scanned by the cashier. The Alipay system is regarded as the most preferred in China thanks to its flexibility and simplicity. Users can employ various methods of payment such as credit card, payment on delivery, and an escrow service, which facilitates secure transactions between buyers and sellers.
This deal comes on the back of a collaboration between Walmart and Alipay, which not only yields the sophisticated payment system for the retailer but a whole host of new data to explore. Alibaba has stakes in Weibo and Snapchat. Perhaps in future they will further integrate mobile payment with their social platforms.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #179

by Suhaina Adam in News

Line releases iOS keyboard for emoji
Lo and behold — there is now an exclusive keyboard just for emoji and stickers, created by the messaging app Line. Emoji Keyboard by Line has over 2,000 emoji and stickers, with users being able to unlock an additional 700 “premium” stickers upon signing up for the Line app. There’s no doubt that the trend of emojis is here to stay for the long run.


Indian social media users reach 143 million
Based on a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) International, there are now 143 million social media users in India as of April 2015. Rural India contributes the highest growth of 100% with 25 million users residing in that belt. Comparatively, urban India has 118 million users but records a lower growth of 35%. With 61% of these users accessing social media on their mobile devices, it’s a promising sign that the numbers will only continue to rise in the months to come.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #178

by Aubrey Teng in News

Twitter begins testing App Install Ads on News and other Profile pages
You might have noticed something new on Twitter lately: App Install Ads. Twitter has started experimenting with placing ads that drives mobile app install on Twitter pages of New York Times, Guardian, Vine and Periscope. You will be presented with a button to install the respective apps when you navigate to their Twitter pages.

Facebook updates News Feed ranking with new metric
Facebook’s goal for News Feed has been to show you content that you care about and their latest update proves it. Using a new metric to rank content that shows up on News Feed: time spent on viewing a story in your News Feed, users can expect greater relevance with the content served to them. For example, a content wrongly classified in the past as “irrelevant” even though a user spends a lot of time reading them due to a lack of engagement, will now be captured by the new metric and ranked accordingly.
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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #177

by Jolene Siow in News

Chinese social network for pets lands US$6million funding
With reportedly 5 million furry users, Beijing-based SmellMe, has raised US$6 million in funding. It lets pet owners create profiles for their animals, post photos and status updates, as well as shop for pet products. Users may also directly contact veterinarians from the app. With the fresh funding, users could expect these featured to be further expanded.

Indian startup receives funding to help YouTube creators make money
Vidooly, a video analytics startup from India, has secured US$1 million in seed funding. This will be put towards product development, and growing their user base around the world. Vidooly aims to help its users attract the right audience on YouTube by offering a marketing and analytics suite to maximise organic views.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #176

by Melissa Law in News

Line tests out $2/month music streaming service
Japanese messaging app, Line, has started testing a standalone music streaming app in Thailand. Called Line Music, the app is available for iOS and Android, and is integrated with the chat app to allow the sharing of songs.

Daum Kakao acquires Path
As part of its global expansion efforts, Korea’s Daum Kakao has announced that it will acquire the social network Path as well as the messaging app Path Talk. Just late last year, Path opened an office in Indonesia, where it has a strong user base and fast growing potential. Dave Morin, CEO and co-founder of Path believes that Daum Kakao’s “deep understanding of the Asian market and experience in leading mobile innovation”, will be able to give Path users “additional resources and value”.

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