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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #200

by Kristie Neo in News

Huawei launches an interactive “finger race” campaign on Snapchat
An interesting approach by Chinese company telecoms giant, Huawei.

To promote their new Talkband B2 connected gear in France, Huawei launched a campaign called #SnapchatRun. It’s an “interactive finger race” where users get a first person perspective through photographs. Players are led to ‘run’ through the streets of Paris using their two fingers as legs. Each tap on a photo reveals the next snap and then the next, creating an illusion that you’re running on screen. The “fastest” runners to tweet a code at the end of their journey stand to win the Talkband B2 device.

Cool? We think so too.

Shia Labeouf wants you to watch him in the name of art
Mr “Shia Labeouf” Transformers is the latest celeb to jump on the live-streaming wagon. He basically sits in a spot in New York City watching all the movies he’s ever starred in back-to-back for three days (indulgent, yes) with a camera capturing every iota of his unshaven face while it beams live across the globe. In other words, it’s you watching Shia watching himself on screen.

The #AllMyMovies “art” project wrapped up just about a day ago. Shia says he’s loving himself much more now. Some of us are cringing, the rest of us are still trying to figure out what sort of performance it was supposed to be. It is art perhaps, so maybe we’re not supposed to understand it.

Whether or not its about (as some articles say), our desire for intimacy by portraying Shia in a vulnerable light, “humanising” him so to speak, this bizarre trend isn’t the first of its kind around. You remember this Korean kid don’t you?

So clearly, this is a thing.

unnamed unnamed-1

Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year is an emoji
So begins the demise of the English language as we know it. Let us not speak to each other in words and sentences and phrases and metaphors because just one yellow, little, round face is enough to capture all the information and emotion we can ever muster. Oxford Dictionary says so. The word of the year for 2015 is not “sharknado”, “robo-sapiens” or “Vladimir Putin”. It is a pictograph yellow face laughing tears of joy. No kidding!

Word of the Year 2015 2-970-80

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What exactly is Community Management?

by Dinnie Lim in News

“So, what do you do for a living?”

The perfectly innocuous question that follows almost every social interaction once you’re above the age of 23.

“I’m a Community Manager.”

I would often reply, prefacing it with a hesitant smile, as I brace myself for the barrage of questions that would follow in this next moment.

“So, what do you do, exactly?”

“Are you actually paid to surf Facebook? Wow.”

Responses like the latter are always partnered with an expression that is a mix between awe and envy.

And given the added pain of a recent LinkedIn Survey suggesting Community Manager is one of the most misunderstood jobs, perhaps it is finally time to clarify what exactly it is that we do, once and for all?

Let’s begin with the start of the day, shall we? It begins with my usual cup of iced Americano from the neighbourhood cafe. With the bittersweet aroma of caffeine, I get into the thick of things right away. First up would be a glance at the pages I manage on the various social platforms. It helps me plan my day to see the amount of time I would have to allocate to responding the fan comments and questions for these pages. Whenever there is a campaign or new product launch, the volume of interactions would be significantly increased.

Community Management We Are Social Brands

I then go through the responses to any posts published over the previous day on all the social channels — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram, among others — and start replying to them.

This usually takes up the bulk of my mornings and afternoons. Be it answering questions about the client’s products/services or handling feedback, my fellow community managers and I make sure that the community is heard and taken care of. Our main focus, aside from reactive responses, is to extend the conversation with the fans.

While the fans on our pages get the latest information from us and the brand, we also acquire valuable insights from the communities we serve, whether it is about the communications they would like to receive or the value they get from the content we post. For example, we have found that our fans love content that allows them to showcase their creativity – be it sharing with us favourite photos of their pets, or ideas of their own about possible content in future. It is truly a two-way interaction.

At the same time, within the agency, as a Community Manager, I am expected to play a collaborative role with the creative and accounts teams, providing insight on what is observed across the specific social channels and the types of content that the communities respond best to. For example, the fans on Twitter tend to react the best to the latest news or references as it is a platform that is focused on the nowness of events.

What a brand hears from their community matters just as much if not more than what they say themselves in social media. By listening, a brand is able to understand what matters most to the people who share on social media. We can then use this knowledge to build content that adds value to the lives of the brand’s audience. That is the ultimate difference between making people want things and making things that people want.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we do as community managers.

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We Are Social Asia Mid Week Mashup #199

by Zahirah Taha in News

Tinder’s new algorithm to make you swipe right more often
recently announced at the Web Summit that it is changing its algorithm to better improve its match results. The new algorithm will take into account the user’s past preferences, and also consider the geographical locations of users – all in the name of helping its users find “deeper connections“. The popular dating app has also increased its return match results by 30%, increasing the possibilities of users to swipe right.

Besides a new algorithm, Tinder has also introduced a new way to swipe – UP! This new feature, known as SuperLike, lets you tell the other user how you really, really, really like them.

With this new way to swipe, Tinder hopes to increase the possibility of a match and to help extend conversations.


Twitter’s #HappyDiwali emoji tweeted 223K times
In light of Diwali, Twitter India together with Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor, launched the Diwali special emoji yesterday. Like its other emojis, the diya icon will appear when users include the hashtag #HappyDiwali. Besides adding the hashtag, Twitter also encouraged fans to share their Diwali photos, to be included in a Diwali mosaic that Twitter will publish as Moments on its page.

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #197

by Aubrey Teng in News

Momolay receives fresh funding, aims to take on Facebook in Myanmar
Momolay, a mobile-first entertainment app from Myanmar, has recently raised US$200,000 in seed funding from Singapore-based investors. The app functions as a cross between 9Gag and Buzzfeed, layered with Myanmar’s distinct cultural context for content. Its goal is to be another source of entertainment and social news platform other than Facebook. The current digital landscape in Myanmar gives Momolay a first-mover advantage, since there is no direct competitors.

TCL is inviting people to talk to its new TV set this Halloween
To tie in with Halloween Chinese smart TV manufacturer TCL will be encouraging Periscope users to join in its “ask me anything” Q&A session. Users can then ask questions to a spooky virtual face which can smile, frown, nod and speak (with help from a comedian who will be providing the voice of the TV). Pete Lin, MD of We Are Social in China, added:

“This campaign shows how forward-thinking TCL is. Periscope has huge potential, yet we’ve still seen very few creative executions on the platform away from a simple event live-stream or product demo. TCL is an exciting brand with big global ambitions, and this is just the first step towards taking it to a wider audience.”

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We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tune-Up #195

by Wendy Yee in News

Got mail? Drones may soon deliver them to Singaporeans
Though in its infancy stages, Singapore is amongst one of the first in the world to test out drones as mailmen. That’s not all. SingPost, the national postal service in Singapore, announced that there’ll also be “a prototype app designed with security and verification features that ensures the mail reaches its intended recipient.” The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Labs built a drone using the Pixhawk Steadidrone platform and carried a letter and t-shirt over a distance of two kilometres in five minutes to the Singaporean island of Pulau Ubin.

‘Tinder for fitness’ app  for the exercise junkies
Having trouble finding an fitness buddy? Jaha, created by a Hong Kong based startup, is the app for that. Similar to Tinder, it locates users in your area, allows you to browse through their profiles, and you can swipe right for those whom you’re interested to connect with. One main difference from Tinder – you’re swiping right based on common exercise interests. The app highlights any common interests you have with the other person.
Once you’ve found a ‘fitness friend’ (after both you and the user swiped right for each other), Jaha opens up stat-tracking features so that you can share workout results, challenge each other to hit specific milestones, and compete to be at the top of the leaderboards. But it also allows you to chat so that you can arrange to meet up for some real life exercise, or anything else you might prefer.

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